quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2013

Facebook, iPad and the cookie's issue

The ones who follow me in the social networks were, sometime ago, witnesses of a short storm of "unusual" posts (I fear the less patient ones may have blocked me :P).

One of my most recent activities at Gaz Games was the study of plugin by Prime 31 (company specialized in developing plugins for Unity), the iOS Social Networking Plugin, responsible to connect Unity iOS apps with Facebook, preventing the developer of having to deal with Objective-C to do so. The plugin allows you to publish images, status, links, photo albums and retrieve user information such as email, name and age.

The so called storm of posts was part of a series of tests regarding the settings and functionalities of the plugin, resulting in the publication of many "Awesome iPad + Unity Integration test!" and prototype interfaces in my timeline (all of them deleted shortly after being posted).

Ironically, the plugin, which was acquired with the intention to avoid the direct use of Objective-C, was exactly the cause of a fast study about the language and its integration with Unity.

sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

Graphs & Resurrection

Calm down ladies and gentlemen! The blog's hiatus (which was essential for me to close the semester with a golden key) is happily over!

According to the post I wrote here, my free time is a geometric progression of negative common ratio directly proportional to the moment of the semester, therefore, the closer to the end, less free time I have. As a consequence of that, some of my most beloved activities had to be left behind so I could ensure the stability of my academic life, resulting in the abadon of the blog (but still being responsable for the joy of being approved in all the subjects).

But, as I am finally free of my responsabilities with college, I can return to the writing and research. And I have a lot to post about the projects and studies I participated on during my time of absence here. Starting with graphs.

As a college task I developed along with the great Nosirrahh and other two colleagues the base for the creation of an artificial intelligence in a tactical RPG battle system (like the awesome Shining Force II :D).

To be clearer, our objective was to create the root of something like that: