sábado, 29 de setembro de 2012


First of all I would like to appologize about the recent irregularity on the posts of the blog. The last weeks were extremely busy, with results that will echo through many of my upcoming posts.

This text will be a little more personal than usual, serving as a summary, preview and reason for the events that will occur on the next weeks.

One thing at a time.

domingo, 16 de setembro de 2012

Xbox 360 Joystick Controller + Unity

A few weeks ago I acquired a Xbox 360 joystick controller for Windows and, although my initial objective was to play with it (something I did, of course), my developer's mind did not allow the controller to remain in my desk without becoming part of my studies/experiments with Unity.

I configured Bitz to work with the joystick besides the keyboard and mouse. And with some quick changes I adapted Unity's script, MouseOrbit.js to take the the controller's input. The result can be seen in the video below:

So here's a short explanation of how to set Unity to receive the Xbox 360 controller for Windows.

sexta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2012

Frame by Frame: exporting animations made in Unity

Playing with some resources and inspired by some sessions I watched on Unite, I developed a small Unity plugin to export animations. The algorithm, available by the end of this post, allows the definition of parameters like frame per second, image quality, name and directory.

The classes that derive from the Editor class (EditorWindow, EditorApplication) are simple to implement and extremely flexible, allowing the creation of add-ons without any big difficulty to fulfill almost any need.