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First of all I would like to appologize about the recent irregularity on the posts of the blog. The last weeks were extremely busy, with results that will echo through many of my upcoming posts.

This text will be a little more personal than usual, serving as a summary, preview and reason for the events that will occur on the next weeks.

One thing at a time.

Yesterday, friday the 28th, expired my internship contract with the company I've been working for in the last year, developing Web Games with Unity. It was an amazing year that gave me an opportunity to learn for which I'll never be able to thank enough, but here's a try: Thank you Wilson Alencar, Adriane and all Villefort Consulting team, if you hadn't believed in my potential and, above all, in the potential of video games, I wouldn't have the perspective I have today. Thank you so much!

But although I am leaving the company, I will still be working on game development, starting on Gaz Games on monday. For those of you who don't know, Gaz Games is a recent company that develops for emerging platforms, like tablets and the Kinect.

It was on this week which I also, finally, confirmed the partcipation of our team (Bob Team!) on Brasil Game Show's Game Jam 2012. We'll be participating from the 11th till the 13th, a 48 hours development marathon according to a theme decided in the beginning of the Jam. And this year the winners will be chosen by the public instead of by a group of judges.

And before the Jam, which starts at 8 P.M of October 11th, I will be on Atlas Game Tech's stand, showing the project I've been participating as a programmer recently. It is a game made with UDK and the intention is to do a commercial launch in the future. There will be posts about it soon.

A few days before BGS, there will be on my college (PUC) the 8th SEJA, Semana de Entretenimento, Jogos e Animação (In english: Animation, Entertainment and Games Week) an event open to the public that happens every semester with talks, sessions and workshops related to game development. I will be, during the second day of the event, teaching Unity Editor Programming on a workshop for the students of the Game Development course.

At the same time I keep devloping the Quatis Project and the Interdisciplinar Task for college, the only ones present on my semester's preview list. It's a lot, but it's not more than I asked for. And if it was easy, it wouldn't be fun. :)

More news soon.

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