domingo, 23 de junho de 2013

Insanity, sweat and a post mortem

Although the semester isn't officially over, it's a relief to say that in the end, everything worked out. It is a relief to be able to say we delivered the result of one (REALLY) sweaty year of work. It is a relief that the game did so well. And it is a relief it exceeded our expectations and apparently the ones of everybody who accompanied us during development.

Actually it is more than a relief. It is truly rewarding.

Screenshot from one of the rooms
For those of you who think post mortems suck have no intentio to read this Post Mortem and, luckily, learn one or two things about Insanitas and it's creative process, and just want a link to play, unfortunately I'll have to let you down postponing in a few days the download. Polishing and bug fixing never ends. :P