sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

A preview of my semester

With college classes starting again the geometric progression of negative common ratio that defines my free time according to the time of the semester begins to act once again, as the papers and exams start to get more frequent and scary.

So here's a short list of the thing I am going to do in this second half of the year:

  • Bitz in Time: The implementations relative to the time manipulation system are almost ready, so I will focus more on the Game Design and improve the little robot's look.
  • Contrast Extended: The second version of Contrast with all the implementations I didn't have time to do on the week I made the game. Will make the level design more fair and add more puzzly challenges. :)
  • Quatis Project: Last semester I was in touch with a group from UFMG (A big university here) to develop educational environmental games to teach children about the correct feeding of the typical animals from Magabeiras Park (A big echo park here). Everything shall be ready until the end of the year. I shall write a post about it soon.
  • I.T (interdisciplinar task): This semester I will participate once again in a group to do the Interciplinar Task, a game we have to make every semester. This time I shall start earlier. And be more organized. I promise.
  • New personal project: I was playing with Unity a few days ago and programmed a little system for a new game. Simple, yet fun stuff.
  • A Fuga de Blue: The game is complete, as soon as the new website of the place I work for is online I will post the playable link here. With some translations.
And to wrap it up with style, here's a print of the "cloning" system from B.I.T.Z. :D

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